If you think like a CEO in your job, you’ll be significantly more successful than if you only think about your function in isolation.  Always consider how your job, performance and results fit into the larger organization. Only the CEO sees and understands how each part of the business fits into an integrated matrix to… Continue reading THINK LIKE A CEO


In today’s marketplace, there are great opportunities that are real and some that are too good to be true.  Do your research.  If something seems to be sketchy, follow your instincts until satisfied that you’re dealing with a legitimate organization.  Here are a few points of caution: The title is much bigger than the job… Continue reading BEWARE THE CON


If you think Quiet Quitting means to reduce your performance to a minimal level without being fired, you’re wrong.  Quiet quitting is a phase that unfortunately gives that impression.  Rather, the phrase “quiet quitting” means that employees will perform at a required level without having to give more to the company than expected.  What’s the… Continue reading WHAT IS “QUIET QUITTING”?

CHANGING THE RULES is a job search company.  Their research shows that between January and March 2022, North American companies were looking for 25% of their new hires to work exclusively from remote positions.  That’s a lot of employees.  What are the potential implications of a quarter of the workforce being recruited for 100% of their work… Continue reading CHANGING THE RULES