The marketplace is adjusting to an unusual series of events that will affect your pay next year.  What should you anticipate for merit increases and pay policies for 2023?  Here are some thoughts and how to respond: Inflation – In 2022, inflation has peaked-out at a 40 year high. It’s currently running at between 6… Continue reading 2023 PAY DYNAMICS


How would you answer the question, “What kind of work schedule would you prefer, office only, hybrid (between office and work-from-home), or work-from-home only?”  The best answer, given the current marketplace is “Any one of them”:  An alternative that can be mutually decided between you and your manager.  Why?  Here are some trends to consider:… Continue reading A SMART DECISION


There’s a major controversy around the issue of whether pay information should be totally transparent or whether there are sound business reasons why pay information should be kept confidential. It appears that there is no right or wrong answer.  It depends upon the situation, context, rationale and implications.  Let me explain: Internal Transparency – Pay… Continue reading OPEN PAY INFORMATION?


Reports indicate that there are over 10 million jobs that are available to those seeking a new position.  If that’s true, why is it taking so long to hear back from companies who post a job?  Or, in some cases, an applicant may never hear back.  There are several reasons for this situation.  Here are… Continue reading A MARKETPLACE MUDDLE