Interview Preparation

Here are some stories from Christina and Matthew, about some critical mistakes that can be avoided before and during a job interview: A MISSED OPPORTUNITY Situation: A colleague resigned from his job to go work for a different company making the job of my dreams available. I was taken by surprise, but in a selfish… Continue reading Interview Preparation

My Greener Future helped me ace my job interview!

Here is a story by one grateful Ohio customer who applied her learning from My Greener Future in her job interview and aced it! Situation: I had just completed the My Greener Future sessions # 6 and 7 on interviewing, when I received a phone call requesting an interview with an executive at a high growth company I was very interested in. The changes… Continue reading My Greener Future helped me ace my job interview!

Job Search Experiences

Here are a few stories from My Greener Future customers and coaches. These stories provide insights and positive lessons about some of their mistakes, successes and other valuable career experiences. Read on and be part of the My Greener Future niche :  PASS IT ON! MISTAKES MADE Situation: I was a bit young, but highly successful,… Continue reading Job Search Experiences