Since the start of 2023, about 300 companies have laid-off well over 100,000 tech employees.  What’s the news behind the headlines?  Let’s recap what’s really going on. First, of the employees laid off, most are from the very large companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Zoom, Dell and the like.  What isn’t being widely reported is… Continue reading WHAT’S UP WITH TECH?


There appears to be a long-term trend that is squeezing the work force over the ages of 50. There are a number of factors that seem to be working against them: The eligibility age for Social Security keeps moving upward The pandemic has affected workers aged 50 to 59 worse than the general population Dramatic… Continue reading THE AGE SQEEZE


Why are professionals leaving a job that is stable, in constant demand, has steady work for a life-long career with the same company, plus you can retire after 30 years with the legendary “gold watch”?  Because it’s boring, repetitive, tedious, with intimidating hours and unrealistic expectations.  What profession is it?  Accounting, especially one leading to… Continue reading ACCOUNTANTS: “I’M OUT!”


One of my theories of life and business has been that whenever the great pendulum in the sky moves to one direction or extreme, given time it will move back to the middle and then eventually move to the opposite direction or extreme. Here are some simple examples: Nation creation, growth, breakdown, rebirth – China,… Continue reading THE GREAT PENDULUM


I just finished reading about an individual who started a job at $100,000 and over a few years leveraged their compensation level to $500,000.  How was it done? What was the result? An interesting story that has some real-life learnings. Step one, Morgan (not his/her real name) had to have excellent high school grades to… Continue reading 500% PAY INCREASE?