If you’re pleased with your career and prospects for the future, keep doing what you’re doing.  If you’re not satisfied, how do you best make a change?  Through clear unbiased thinking, extensive research and goal-oriented planning. But make sure the plans you make will move you to a higher level of opportunity, not just moving… Continue reading REINVENTING YOUR CAREER


A Harris Poll survey for USA TODAY in March of 2022 revealed some interesting facts from those that quit hastily during the pandemic for a “better” opportunity.  What are some of the regrets?  The new job was different from the job description; they lost the balance of work & life; not a compatible culture; they didn’t… Continue reading MARKETPLACE CONFUSION


Ever wonder why, after a series of interviews, you get a message, “Thanks for being a candidate, but we’ve hired someone else”.  You ask yourself, “What could I have done differently?”, or “What made someone else a better candidate?”  During an interview you should focus on accentuating the positives and minimizing the negatives. Let me… Continue reading WHY NOT ME?


A recent Pew Research Center analysis found that over 50% of employed adults in America who quit their jobs in 2021, changed their occupation or field of work.  That’s amazing! It shows not only a major shift in career objectives, but also the ease by which working people made the change.  My sense is that… Continue reading WOW! A 50% CHANGE