The Handbook

A true look into the mind of one of the premiere career coaches working today, Bill Kaufmann’s “How To Find A Job” is a must-read for anyone looking to advance their career in new and meaningful ways! Bill’s new book condenses much of the knowledge he has gleaned working for numerous businesses over the last 40 years and compacts it into an easy-to-follow, snappy format, designed to introduce his methodology to My Greener Future newcomers and veterans alike! Among the topics he looks at in this book are:

  • How to be a compelling candidate in job interviews.
  • Learning and controlling the direction your own career is moving.
  • The multiple types of job searches and how to identify each individually.
  • How to develop and successfully utilize your own resources.
  • Crafting precise and powerful resumes and cover letters.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Order it today for only $9.97 from! Available in both e-book and hardcopy.



As a special offer with Bill’s new book, we are offering a “limited coaching opportunity” with blog readers who wish to get a little more out of the Handbook by getting to ask their questions to Bill himself!

Take the opportunity to really dig into his psyche, ask specific questions about your favorite parts of the book, or use it as an opportunity to gauge if you want to take part in Bill’s one-on-one coaching program.¬†Bill will outline recommendations to increase the power of your resume and career plan strategy, including supplemental material to expand your knowledge and understanding.

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